Customer Engagement platform for building suppliers

Ensuring that your brand is front and centre in the minds of your trade customer base can be a challenge, particularly as your trade customers are such busy people who are running their own business.

Sales offices, websites and mobile shopping apps do their best to sweep up as much business as possible. So, how do you differentiate, encourage loyalty and client engagement in a crowded market?

Engage n Trade is a unique customer engagement platform that encourages engagement between your organisation and your trade customers through a free mobile app.

Engage n Trade allows your trade customers to do more than just shop – Engage n Trade will allow them to:

  • Create professional customer quotes and estimates
  • Search for parts and produce shopping lists
  • Generate invoices for their own clients once the job is done

What’s more, your product set is at the heart of their business process, making it quick and easy for them to buy from you.

To find out more about how Engage n Trade can benefit both you and your trade customers, go to the website.

Find out more and get the app


Mobile app for iOS, Android and web.

Create branded quotes and invoices for your clients from your mobile.

Find all the parts you need with the powerful search facility

Buy your supplies with ease via your Shopping lists


Efficient and productive working on the go

Increase your brand awareness and win more work

Improve your parts search and purchasing process

Reduce your administration burden and win more work

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